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On-Demand Course

EFC Online Combative User Course

Master the Art of Subject Control:
Your Comprehensive Online Training SystemFor Law Enforcement Officers & Other Security Professionals

Single Officer Apprehension & Takedowns

Master the Art of Solo Officer Operations: 
Develop the Skills You Need to Excel as a Solo Officer with 'Single Officer Apprehension & Takedowns!
On-Demand Course
On-Demand Course

Wall Pin to Custody

Unlock street proven and effective wall pin to custody techniques:
This course is designed to give you the skills and confidence to safely detain individuals against a barrier.
**The material in this course is NOT found in any of our other online courses.

Handcuffing & Searching Guide

Transform Your Skillset and Ensure Proper Procedures with Proven Methods and Guidelines For Handcuffing & Searching
On-Demand Course
On-Demand Course

Vest Grip Break Guide

Learn EF Combatives insights for LEOs on proper vest grip break technique. Enhance your skills and ensure safety in the field with this. invaluable resource!

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