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Custom Courses

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work with our Director of combatives to design a custom course for your location

Contact us to discuss developing custom training for your location. Groups or agencies can book both Closed (private) and Open (public) courses/workshops. Our Director of Combatives, Jay Wadsworth, will work with you to design the agenda, "hands-on" activities, duration, time, and location. Custom courses can include, but are not limited to, any of the following modules:
  • Vehicle Extraction
  • Takedowns
  • Apprehension and Control
  • Handcuffing
  • Weapons-Based Entanglements
  • Team Tactics for any of the modules above

Use the form below to contact Jay or email him directly: 

15 Person Minimum required for

Minimum booking of 15 individuals required for course to take place. We ensure a ratio of 1 EFC instructor per 10 students at each and every course.

Interested in Hosting a Course? 

what students are saying...

Worth the time/effort/money. The training is invaluable.
The price is often a small price to pay. The material packed into this 2-day course was definitely weeks worth of material and the one on one interactions with the instructors and individual training is unmatched. I learned so much in 2 days, versus what I learned in the academy regarding combatives. This is definitely a worthwhile course from some of the best instructors out there with real life LE experiences.
My first EFC course and I was extremely impressed and satisfied with the entire weekend. A lot of great information and knowledge shared during the course. Valuable information to carry over into the streets and utilize during my career. The instructors knowledge was incredible and they really focused on making sure skills were done correctly and gave feedback/ reinforcement on what you were doing and that it was done well.
Definitely do it. You’ll come away with real world training that will make you better
and more confident immediately.
The material was great for beginners or overworked guys/girls to learn basic
fundamentals that can be applied in real time. Simple and effective.