Michigan State Police Training Academy, Lansing, MI

December 11-14, 2023


The purpose of this instructor course is to create effective LE Professionals. The course is designed to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to train and lead their peers in an effort to raise the standard of training as it pertains to combatives, defensive tactics and use of force situations.

Instructors: Jay Wadsworth, Andrew Napieralski, & Michael Peckham

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4 Days (40 Hours)

Certification Criteria:
  • 4 Days/40 Hours In-Person Training
  • Effective Demonstration of Employing Course Objectives
  • Pass Final Exam 

EFC Instructor

Certification Expiration:
  • Certification Expires 2 Year Past Certification Completion Date
  • Certification Renewals Available (Coming Soon)

What's included?

Tailored to Law Enforcement Officers

Designed for experienced, proactive, and open-minded LEOs looking to train and lead others in effective combatives tactics.


Over 250+ years combined experience from our instructor cadre using field proven science driven fitness and combatives. 

24X7 Access

24x7 access to our platform where you can explore resources, continue your professional development, share thoughts and ideas, increase your connection, get assistance from our Subject Matter Experts to include case law and expert documentation.


Learning relevant to immediate application designed for you to be in charge of your own personal growth and professional development.

Course outline

Day 1: 0800-1800

  • Introductions and Course Overview
  • Principles of Defense Tactics
  • Adult Learning and “I Method of Coaching” 
  • Use of Force Overview, Documentation, and Combatives Training
  • Intro to Skill Building
  • Striking
  • Domination and Recovering from Bad Positions
  • Resistance Drills
  • Debrief

Day 2: 0800-1800

  • Intro to Control Tactics and Apprehension for Single Officer
  • Single Officer Takedowns
  • Intro to Multiple Officer Apprehension and SOP Considerations
  • Multiple Officer Takedowns and Communication
  • Resistance Drills
  • Debrief

Day 3: 0800-1800

  • Conditions of Space & Priority of Life Dictate Tactics
  • Weapon Deflection and Movement Out of the Vertical Clinch
  • Weapon Retention in the Holster (all positions)
  • Weapon Defense (handgun and edged weapon)
  • Weapon Base Entanglements (CAP concept)
  • Debrief

Day 4: 0800-1800

  • Student-Led Training Blocks
  • Q&A with Instructors
  • Final Exam
  • Course Evaluation
  • Debrief/Wrap Up