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Welcome to the Combatives User Course - the ultimate training program meticulously crafted specifically for law enforcement officers (LEO) and security professionals. In the face of unique challenges encountered in the field, this course empowers you with the skills and knowledge needed to not only navigate, but dominate real-world scenarios. The curriculum in this course is based on the fundamentals of grappling, jiu-jitsu and striking and how to incorporate them into the environment of policing.

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Designed for the LEO, security professional and individuals preparing for the academy looking to train effective combatives tactics.
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Over 250+ years combined law enforcement experience from our instructor cadre using field proven and science driven combatives.


24/7 access to our platform where you can explore resources, continue your professional development, share thoughts and ideas, increase your connection, and get assistance from our Subject Matter Experts.


Learning relevant to immediate application designed for you to be in charge of your own personal growth and professional development.

The Challenge

Problem Identification:

As a LEO or security professional, you face unpredictable and high-stakes situations daily. The need for a specialized training program designed to address these challenges is more critical than ever.
Specialized Training:

EFC recognizes the complexities of your role and provides a tailored approach to arm you with the tools necessary to navigate and overcome challenges effectively and efficiently. 

COURSE Overview

Comprehensive Training Modules:

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Single Officer Apprehension

Develop the skills to handle suspects on your own with confidence.

Effective Takedowns

Master techniques that work effectively in the environment of policing.

Defensive Positions

Elevate your defensive capabilities to protect yourself in all positions.

Weapon Based Entanglements

Sharpen your instincts to stay steps ahead of potential threats.
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Instructor Expertise:

This course was created by cops, for cops. Led by Jay Wadsworth, our cadre are all seasoned professionals with extensive experience in law enforcement, grappling, jiu-jitsu, striking, and defensive tactics instruction. Our instructors bring a wealth of real-world knowledge to your training.

additional course modules:

  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Principles of Defensive Tactics
  • Use of Force
  • Introduction to Skill Building
  • Dominating Defensive Positions
  • Single Officer Takedowns
  • Multiple Officer Scenarios
  • Weapons Defense
  • Weapons Retention
  • Weapon(s) Based Entanglements (WBE) & Movement
  • Conditions of Space & Priority of Life
  • Post Immediate Use of Force


Our course provides consistent and standardized training that ensures all officers are using the same tactics and techniques, based on up-to-date information on best practices in defensive tactics. This includes legal and ethical considerations, so you can be confident that you're using tactics that are not only effective but also safe and compliant with relevant regulations.
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Key Benefits

Enhanced Officer safety

Prioritize your safety with techniques specifically designed for law enforcement scenarios.

Improved Effectiveness

Gain practical skills that directly translate to enhanced effectiveness on the job.

Lifetime Access

Learn at your own pace and revisit the course material whenever needed, ensuring onging skill reinforcement.

Certificate of Completion

Earn a Certificate of Completion when you complete the course and pass the exam.
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  • 24/7 Access to Learning 
  • Video Library with 65 Videos
  • Over 5 Hours of Instruction
  • EFCombatives Mobile App (Apple iOS and Google Play)
  • Direct Communication with EFC Instructors
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By taking our course, you'll improve your skills and techniques for de-escalation, use of force, and control tactics, which can help you to stay safer in the field and reduce your risk of excessive force incidents. By learning how to handle difficult situations with more confidence, you'll also enhance public safety, which can help you to build trust and respect within your community.
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Real-World Application

Understand how this course applies to real-world LE scenarios, preparing you for the challenges you may face daily. 

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Don't just take our word for it.

Hear it first hand, directly from fellow law enforcement.
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"My first EFC course and I was extremely impressed and satisfied with the entire weekend. A lot of great information and knowledge shared during the course. Valuable information to carry over into the streets and utilize during my career. The instructors knowledge was incredible and they really focused on making sure skills were done correctly and gave feedback/ reinforcement on what you were doing and that it was done well."

EFC Member

Combatives User Course
"All of the concepts taught at the training can be utilized on the job immediately. Instructors are very knowledgeable and professional and have the background to know what will work in an LEO environment."

EFC Member

Combatives User Course
"The price is often a small price to pay. The material packed into this 2-day course was definitely weeks worth of material and the one on one interactions with the instructors and individual training is unmatched. I learned so much in 2 days, versus what I learned in the academy regarding combatives. This is definitely a worthwhile course from some of the best instructors out there with real life LE experiences."

EFC Member

Combatives User Course
"I was expecting more lecture and then some instructional tactics training. The amount of training we received exceeded my expectations significantly. There was minimal down time and everything moved smoothly and built off previous skills."

EFC Member

Combatives User Course
"These are skills to learn that are a necessity for successful police work - every cop should be attending this course."

EFC Member

Combatives User Course
"I would highly encourage it. The information and skills learned are very applicable to police officers, regardless of what department you work for. Absolutely worthwhile. Concept driven material that can help agencies with material retention."

EFC Member

Combatives User Course
"This course and material is essential to learn for a career in law enforcement. The tactics presented are effective, simple, and efficient!"

EFC Member

Combatives User Course
"Honestly, we thoroughly enjoyed the day and took many things away from this brief intro. Did exactly what I was hoping it would, open the eyes of my instructors and whet their appetite for more. We have been lacking a direction for our hands on program for a while. Already talked to [EFC] and I think I could sell the agency into hosting an instructor class and adapting the program agency wide... Jay was an amazing instructor, and I felt the guys really identified with him."

EFC Member

Combatives User Course
This is exactly the type of program that ALL street-level cops need to attend.
m. Venenstra
The training is top notch. Great technique and is taught at a high level in a very easy way to understand and follow. Excellent instruction.
A. Rosales
It is worth the time and money investment for all LEOs.
C. Golv
Drastic change from standard DT curriculums which focus an step by step techniques that only work in perfect situations. I appreciate the fact that EFC is focused on creating problem solvers not step followers.
D. Fladung
Applicable to law enforcement and will help reduce higher levels of force applied.
K. Bertz
If you're an LEO you need to take this course it can and will save your life or the lives of others
K. Demmons

Certification Included

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    • 5+ Hours of Training
    • Self-Paced, Online Video Lessons
    • Receive Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime Access

    • 24/7 Access to Online Course Material



stated that they agree or strongly agree that this course made them more confident, showing an increase in confidence of defensive tactics by an average of 40%.


stated that they agree or strongly agree that they are interested in taking future courses with EFC.


stated that Combatives User Course activities were either engaging or very engaging.


Our program is a cost-effective way to improve your defensive tactics skills without having to travel or pay for in-person training. You'll get access to expert instructors and a wealth of training materials, including videos, interactive exercises, and quizzes, all designed to help you master the skills you need to excel as a police officer.
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Frequently asked questions

How can we license the use of this material for our agency?

We do have an agency program. For more information about licensing EFC products for your agency, please email [email protected].

Do you have SME on hand to testify in court?

Yes. We can provide this service at an additional cost for travel and related time commitments.

Is this course available to the general public?

Yes, this particular online course is available to the public.

Is the Online Training separate from the In-Person Training or is it combined?

All of our training comes with online course material that can be accessed for 24 months. Our "Online Courses" are separate and different from our "In-Person Courses".The EFC Instructor Certification Course is only available through the "In-Person Course" option.

Is this online course post certified in my state?

Contact admin@efcombatives to learn more about the status of POST certification in your state. We are working to have all our courses POST certified in all 50 States.

Who do I contact if I'm having trouble accessing course material?

Please contact [email protected] and we will get back to you asap.

Who do I contact if I can't log into the mobile app?

If you have downloaded EF Combatives from the App or Google Play store and the issue is logging in with your credentials, please email [email protected] for assistance.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have Lifetime Access to this course.

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