EFC Certified Academy

Instructor Course

Complete our training to become an EFC Certified Academy Instructor and teach our curricula at your academy.

What you get...

self-paced, online course

Receive our online training containing skills/techniques, presentations, and resources. Course must completed to receive initial Certified Academy status; maintain access for the life of your membership (2 year minimum contract). 

26-week Lesson plan

Lesson plans are broken down into 26 individual sessions that can be used in weekly classes; covers 6 months if you teach 1 hour/week.
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In-person Instructor cert. voucher

You will receive $400 credit that you can use to one of our in-person Instructor Certification Courses within 2 years of your contract sign date.

Academy membership boost

EFC students are looking for local academies to practice and maintain their skills, continuously learn combatives, and connect with others. You'll be listed for students to find.

Course outline